Santiago Uceda Robin Moline illustration Martha Rich illustration Livia Cives
Simeon Elson Lucio Schiavon Michael Murphy Ann Faith Nicholls
Brian Love Tom Jester Mariya Paskovsky Marco Wagner
Calef Brown Charles Glaubitz Lucie Rice Steve Moors
Claudine Hellmuth Bob Dob Craig LaRotonda
Kim Rosen Chris Buzelli Terri Fry Kasuba illustration Keith Warren Greiman
Dave Stevenson Joel Nakamura Jen Lobo
Our agency represents contemporary illustrators incorporating a range of new and traditional styles as varied as the artists themselves. The group specializes in the latest commercial illustration for advertising, design, book publishing, apparel, packaging, editorial, stock illustration, and children's books. We also offer animation production services. We pride ourselves on our 21+ years of experience in cultivating excellent relationships with artists and clients worldwide.

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