February 24, 2011

Dave Stevenson and the Egyptian Gods

Although Dave Stevenson is best known for his intricately detailed hand-drawn maps, he also works in a range of other styles…and here is a great example.  In late 2009, Dave was commissioned to illustrate a series of Egyptian gods in traditional poses against a background of hieroglyphs for the cover of a book titled, “Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods” (cover below).  Then, just a couple of months ago, we received a call from Llewellyn Worldwide asking if Dave would be interested in creating another and very similar illustration for the follow up book titled, “Invoking the Egyptian Gods”…..of course, our answer was yes!  This latest book won’t be released until December of this year, but below is a sneak peek of Dave’s artwork that will be featured on the cover…

Dave Stevenson – Cover illustration for “Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods”

Dave Stevenson – sneak peek of the upcoming “Invoking the Egyptian Gods” cover

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Dave Stevenson