May 23, 2011

Calef Brown’s new books!

Calef Brown has two new books: “His Shoes Were Far Too Tight” by Edward Lear, also known as the father of nonsense poetry, was illustrated by Calef and released in April. “Boy Wonders”, a book about a boy who is full of wonder and incessant questions, was written and illustrated by Calef.  “Boy Wonders” will be released in June, but you can read a review of it in the meantime for a preview of what to expect.  Below is some of the super fun artwork from both books – enjoy!

Calef Brown – “His Shoes Were Far Too Tight” cover

Calef Brown – Mrs. Blue Dickey Bird from “His Shoes Were Far Too Tight”

Calef Brown – “Boy Wonders” cover

Calef Brown – “Boy Wonders” spread

Calef Brown – “Boy Wonders” spread

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