June 30, 2011

Zoom into a Cathie Bleck scratchboard piece

After hearing from so many people how fascinating it is to be able to zoom into an artist’s work, we decided to create a new section on our site called Details. This experimental page is to offer viewers and art lovers the opportunity to get into the artist’s mind and see every single brush stroke, scratch, or other detail in select pieces of art.
The below is one of the first pieces we posted, titled Mother Nature’s Son, by artist Cathie Bleck.
Click here or on the image to view the details of the piece:

Cathie Bleck – “Mother Nature’s Son”

The process, as told by Cathie:
“I work on white clayboard; which is a board that has a thick coating of Kaolin clay , often making my own clay pigments. It is a relatively new art process though it’s roots lie in some of mankind’s earliest attempts at creating art. The Cro-Magnons scratched pictures into rock or bone to tell their stories. As a visual storyteller my goal is to connect in this context by carving into this natural medium of clay that has been formed at the bottom of lakes. ” …continue

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