July 11, 2011

Chris Buzelli illustrates Epilepsy

Chris Buzelli completed an illustration about epilepsy for the cover of the new issue of The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association.
(Project details below,  after images)

Chris Buzelli – “epilepsy” – 15″ X 19″ – oil on board
Chris Buzelli – final cover for The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association

From Chris’ blog:

“The word epilepsy originates from the Greek word epilambanein, meaning someting that jumps upon you from the outside or a sudden attack. The sudden violent siezures historically has led to explanations of magic or religion. Some cultures saw epilepsy as a sacred illness (a gift or a punishment from the gods). Only 2,000 years after Aritotle understood that epilepsy was a brain disease, it is no longer surrounded by superstition. People living with epilepsy are still living with the unpredictable.”  This was part of the brief for the cover of The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association.

Emma Dalby, the art director offered me creative freedom with just one specific requirement—their signature “white” cover design. While painting this piece, the little angel in the lower right of the sketch was not working conceptually for me. I discussed it with Emma and she graciously let me make the final decision. What looked good in the sketch, sometimes doesn’t work in the final painting. I’m really grateful to Emma for giving me the opportunity to illustrate her cover and the freedom to continually explore through the entire process.

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