September 7, 2011

Chris Buzelli interview on Illustration Friday

Yuko Shimizu‘s interview with Chris Buzelli is up on Illustration Friday.  Chris was asked some very insightful questions, and it’s interesting to learn a bit about his history and to get a glimpse into his creative process. And it’s great to see Chris getting the recognition he truly deserves!

Excerpt from the interview after image.

[YS] Since 1998 you have been taking 3.5 hour bus ride each way up to RISD to teach. Now you are such high-demand illustrator, do you feel like this gets in your way of your work, or it fuels your work? If you have figured out how to utilize 7 hours of sitting on a bus, I am very curious to know. 7 hours is a long time!
[CB] Yes, I’ve been teaching up at RISD for the past 10 years and I take the bus once a week from NYC to Providence. I actually look forward to the bus ride. I’m a workaholic and I live in my studio. So the bus ride has become a sort of a break from the normal schedule of painting all day. I think my mind needs a vacation to do other things. The bus ride is filled with catching up on emails, reading books, watching movies or just daydreaming. The class is 5 hours long and it just flies by. I think it’s because I really enjoy teaching what I love to others. And the student’s enthusiasm and their passion for illustration makes the experience even more fulfilling. Of course, that one-day away from the studio really cuts into my work time, especially with tight deadlines. And sometimes I do lose money by missing assignments or turning down projects. It is getting more difficult because my workload has increased and/or I’m just getting slower, but I still think it’s worth it. I believe the whole experience fuels my work. (Go to full article)

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