October 25, 2011

Chris Buzelli illustrates Coldplay for Rolling Stone Magazine

Chris Buzelli recently finished an illustration of Coldplay for Rolling Stone Magazine. Chris worked with Steven Charny, of the magazine, to illustrate the piece about the band’s new album, Mylo Xyloto, for the music review section.

Per Chris’ Blog:

Coldplay was being very secretive about their new album and all we had to go with was this mysterious album title and their first single release called Paradise. I’m really proud to be a part of this special issue. The cover has a great unrecognizable pic of Steve Jobs as a young hippie genius. The inside is covered with about 15 illustrated gems by Thomas Fuchs of famous musicians and their favorite songs. As well as a perfectly short and focused article about Occupy Wall Street with a common sense list of demands by Matt Taibbi called My Advice to the Protesters.

Here is the final work, followed by the sketches that led up to it:

Chris Buzelli – Coldplay for Rolling Stone Magazine

The original piece to show scale.

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