April 26, 2012

Martha Rich – Junky cover illustration

Martha Rich did this cover illustration for a re-release of the William S. Burroughs classic titled “Junky“.  This is just one of several classics by James Joyce, Truman Capote, Dashiell Hammett, and the like, that are part of The Penguin Essentials, a collection of some of the twentieth-century‚Äôs most important books that have been updated with fresh cover designs by Penguin Books UK.  This was a fun project because Martha was given complete creative freedom, and the only request from the art director was that it be fresh, surprising, exciting and memorable!  And here’s what Martha came up with:

Martha Rich – Cover illustration for Junky
Martha Rich – Junky By William S. Burroughs

And here are some of the other cover illustrations that are included in the collection:

Penguin Essential