November 13, 2013

Brian Love for Kleenex

The holiday Kleenex packages featuring Brian Love‘s work are finally out, and they’re super cool!  Brian was commissioned by Kimberly Clark to create a set of 4 mid-century inspired designs, and here’s a bit about the creative process in Brian’s own words:

“…they had the ‘house’ shape concept in mind and asked me to run with it. the reindeer went through many revisions-  gaining weight, dropping weight, until we arrived at what seemed a perfect character to complete the series. the elf was originally a man on a ladder hanging christmas ornaments, but the powers that be decided to take all 4 into more of a christmas fairy tale direction. keeping with a red/green palette was an important aspect to include. the also turned the art into paper towel dispenser boxes and are available at target, walgreen’s, walmart…all over the country.”