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Communication Arts Illustration Annual 51

Congrats to Cathie Bleck, Chris Buzelli, Bob Dob and Jen Lobo who made it into this year’s CA Illustration Annual!  We just received our copy of the magazine, and the work looks amazing!!

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22 Apr '10

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Charles Glaubitz. the boy v.s the tornado

Sketchbook drawing, doodle

I did this sketch a while back november/december 2009 for a workshop I was teaching at CECUT (Centro Cultural Tijuana/Tijuana Cultural Center). The project was to create a parable, metaphor or image that could in fact add … Read More

21 Apr '10

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Kim Rosen for Imbibe Magazine

Kim Rosen illustration

Here is a double-page spread illustration in the current Imbibe magazine about wine auctions…

“Can your average, work-a-day wine-o-phile buy bottles at auction, or will your wallet get crushed under the gavel?”

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Chris Buzelli makes your business different…

Chris Buzelli’s illustrations have been spotted on a light rail system in Arizona. The ads are part of Cox Business Systems’ “What makes your business different” campaign. Cool!

Check out last month’s spotting from the same campaign.

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