January 11, 2011

Cathie Bleck Exhibition

Cathie Bleck : Exhibiting two works on paper for “Intersections” Exhibition which is a collaboration between Zygote Press and The LIT poets

The intersection between image and text :: auditory and visual in unison
Intersections Opens January 21st at Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH
Reception 6-9pm : Included evening events : Poet Readings, demonstrations and classes in conjunction with the Intersections theme.

Cathie Bleck – “Nature’s Calling” Inks, kaolin clay on Papyrus, 12”x16”

Cathie bleck – “World Transformation” Wood Engraving (carved on English Boxwood block), 8”x8”

For acquisition contact Zygote Press.
View more of Cathie’s work.

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