February 28, 2012

Mariya Paskovsky explores 19th Century Ladies Fashion

Mariya Paskovsky has recently been working on some illustrations that explore the theme of 19th century ladies fashion. After reading Alexandre Dumas’s Le Comte de Monte-Cristo, Mariya decided to try her hand at some ultra-vintage fashion looks:

Mariya Paskovsky – Fashion for Women, 1832

Mariya Paskovsky – Fashion for Women, 1864

In Mariya’s own words,
“Greatly inspired by old 19th century fashion magazine engravings, I decided to create those dresses respecting patterns, decorations, silhouettes, lines, styles and techniques of that time. I think it is just a beginning of my very new collection of historic fashion illustrations, for I find great pleasure in studying and sketching these sometimes rather funny looking but still extremely beautiful skirts, gloves, hats, fans, corsets, umbrellas, shoes …. “

Mariya Paskovsky – Fashion for Women, 1811

Mariya Paskovsky – Fashion for Women, 19th century hats

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Mariya Paskovsky