August 23, 2012

Jen Lobo’s illustrated nebulae

Jen Lobo recently worked on series of paintings based on space, and here are a few pieces that were specifically inspired by nebulae.  Here is Jen’s own description of her inspiration:

“I had been reading about space and the Hubble Telescope and star births and I absolutely fell in love with nebulae being described as star nurseries. I love the notion of these bright little bursts of light being born out of dust. The names of the nebulae were just begging to be illustrated. Space is such a wealth of inspiration, sometimes I’ll read theories, I remember once I was reading about black holes and I get to a point where my brain literally cannot compute. The technical reasons for these magical occurrences are so complex. I just am not capable of grasping some of these concepts, but then the names harken back to ancient theories of the stars and gods. It’s almost childlike.”

Jen Lobo – Horse Head Nebula

Jen Lobo – We Are Worlds Apart

Jen Lobo – Swan Nebula