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Jen Lobo featured in Communication Arts

Jen Lobo is the featured illustrator in the Fresh section of the latest issue of Communication Arts magazine.  In every issue of the magazine, Fresh features three up and coming artists: 1 illustrator, 1 photographer, and 1 designer.  We’re proud … Read More

Jen Lobo illustrates The Story of Pines iBook

Jen Lobo has spent a lot of time this year working on this project, which we’ve had to keep under wraps until recently.  Jen illustrated the book titled The Story of Pines, written by musician Alison Sudol of A Fine … Read More

Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency group show in Dallas

We’re coming back to Dallas, and this time it’s for a gallery show featuring the work of 12 of our artists at TractorBeam Gallery from October 11 until November 9th, 2012.

If you’re in the Dallas area this Thursday, try … Read More

Jen Lobo’s illustrated nebulae

Jen Lobo recently worked on series of paintings based on space, and here are a few pieces that were specifically inspired by nebulae.  Here is Jen’s own description of her inspiration:

“I had been reading about space and the Hubble … Read More