June 16, 2016

Charles Glaubitz illustrates Miller Lite Texas cans

Charles Glaubitz created this limited edition design for one of the largest beer companies in the United States: Miller Lite.  charles-glaubitz-miller-lite-texas


These specially designed beer cans were exclusively available in Texas.  In addition to Miller Lite, Glaubitz has designed for other companies including Jose Cuervo and The New York Times while also maintaining a career as a fine artist– showing in the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, the El Cubo Museum of Art Tijuana, Mexico, among others.  Glaubitz fuses both iconography of the American West with imagery of Mexican culture– Cowboy versions of the classic dia de los muertos skulls and skeletons, also “Y’all” on one side of Texas with “Viva” on the other.  Glaubitz combines as well as juxtaposes both American and Mexican culture through his stylized iconography.

charles-glaubitz-miller-cans charles-glaubitz-miller-lite glaubitz-miller-texas-can