Lucie Rice illustrates Gwinnett County, GA

Lucie Rice illustrated this super fun map illustration of Gwinnett County, Georgia for Explore Gwinnett magazine. The map highlights some of the major attractions in the area of this county, which was named for Button Gwinnett, one of the signatories … Read More

Lucie Rice for the 2019 Paris International Air Show

Lucie Rice had the pleasure of working with Deloitte’s Aerospace and Defense division to create this iconic illustration to be used as their signature image for the 2019 Paris International Air Show.

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Dave Stevenson for Whisky Advocate Magazine

Dave Stevenson had the pleasure of working with our friends at Whisky Advocate magazine on the special Spring 2019 issue that is “All About Rye“. Dave did the illustration and hand lettering for the full page opener for an article … Read More

Martha Rich illustrates Wild LA – a field guide to exploring the amazing nature and wildlife in and around Los Angeles

Martha Rich worked with our friends at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles on this fun guide to all of the natural wonders in and around Los Angeles.  The book, published by Timber Press, is full of fascinating info on the biologically … Read More