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Carly Martin’s “Animalia” series of watercolor paintings

Carly Martin has just released a series of animal paintings titled “Animalia“. Each super sweet painting is created in watercolor and pastel on paper. A rare collection of Carly’s fine art paintings, and we love them all!

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Lucie Rice for Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Lucie Rice was commissioned by Vanderbilt University to create this series of illustrations for Vanderbilt Medicine magazine. The cover and interior illustrations are for an article titled “Keeping Pace“, and they show the explosive growth of Nashville – one of … Read More

Charles Glaubitz illustrates for Gatopardo Magazine

Latino artist Charles Glaubitz created this series of powerful illustrations for Gatopardo Magazine, a Mexican monthly news magazine focusing feature stories and lifestyle from a Latin-American perspective.

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Dave Stevenson illustrates map of York

Dave Stevenson worked with Harper Collins Children’s Books to create this map illustration for the York series of books by Laura Ruby. Dave creates all of his map illustrations by hand using pen and ink.

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