September 24, 2019

Old school comps for client presentation – who knew?!

During a visit to The National Gallery in London, I learned something interesting: Italian late Baroque painter, Luca Giordano, created some amazing paintings to “present” to his client when he was commissioned to decorate the ceilings of the Galleria in the Palazzo Medici Ricardi back in 1682. These ten paintings were the “modelli”, which were presented for the approval of the design of the frescoes…who knew that color comps were presented back in the day….and I mean waaaaayyyyy back in the day?!! And these color comps are rather impressive!

A very interesting bit of history, but it makes me feel good to know that I would never ask any of my artists to do this amount of work in the preliminary phase of of project…unless highly compensated and given a permanent space in The National Gallery 😉