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Martha Rich illustrates VOTE! posters

As the Democratic Committee Person for Philadelphia’s Ward 2, Division 10 (an office she ran for in 2017), Martha Rich has been working very hard to “Get out the vote”. Among other things, Martha created this series of VOTE! posters … Read More

Livia Cives illustrates Michael Tilson Thomas for the Nob Hill Gazette

Livia Cives illustrated this portrait of San Francisco Symphony conductor, Michael Tilson Thomas, for the Nob Hill Gazette. This is for a new monthly column titled “Babble-On By the Bay”, and Livia’s illustration is also a welcome piece to the … Read More

Lucie Rice illustrates “a party that never happened” for the Nob Hill Gazette

Lucie Rice created this illustration of San Francisco City Hall and a “party that never happened” for the Nob Hill Gazette. The article is about the fact that the annual San Francisco fall arts season opening events have all been … Read More

Dave Stevenson illustration and hand lettering for Lulu’s Chocolate

Dave Stevenson worked with San Francisco-based branding and design studio, Pavement, on the identity and packaging for Lulu’s Chocolate. Dave illustrated the rainforest-inspired flora and the hand lettering of the updated script logotype for this line of artisan, organic dark … Read More