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Claudine Hellmuth’s Halloween stop-motion movie

Claudine Hellmuth created this cute and slightly creepy little stop-motion movie using her downloadable printable kits.  We hope you enjoy it…and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

And here’s another timely illustration by Claudine:

Claudine Hellmuth – Trick-or-Treat View … Read More

Claudine Hellmuth illustrates Shady Lady

The latest recipe to be featured on our illustrated cocktail blog is the Shady Lady.  Claudine Hellmuth chose this cool cocktail as her inspiration and she brought the Shady Lady to life!

Check out to get the recipe for … Read More

Claudine Hellmuth – Suburbanology

Claudine Hellmuth has been creating illustrations for a bi-monthly column called “Suburbanology“,  by April Witt, for Bethesda Magazine.  The current feature questions why people in America don’t walk as much as they should. This is the illustration that Claudine came … Read More

Claudine Hellmuth – Fiskars scissors

Claudine Hellmuth, our favorite collage artist (of course!), was recently interviewed by Fiskars, the makers of those orange-handled scissors with which we are all familiar.  Claudine is now a part of Fiskars Featured Artists, which is a section on their … Read More