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11 Jan '13

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Christophe Lopez-Huici claymation for Amazon Publishing

Christophe Lopez-Huici recently completed this fun claymation piece for Amazon Publishing.  The animation is for the promotion of a new book titled “Elimination Night“, which is a roman à clef about the behind the scenes of American Idol.  Since the writer … Read More

01 Jun '12

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Christophe Lopez-Huici on Claymation

A fantastic documentary on Christophe and his process creating clay animation films. Note this piece is rated R for some of Christophe’s language as well as some sparse claymation character nudity.


View more of Christophe’s claymation and illustration … Read More

30 Mar '12

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Christophe Lopez-Huici: illustration and claymation

Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency welcomes French-born, New York resident, Christophe Lopez-Huici to the group! With clients such as Google, Christie’s, Pfizer, Atlantic Records, Bill Plympton, as well as a large range of smaller music labels and independent music magazines, Christophe … Read More