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Craig LaRotonda’s CSR for the New York Times

Craig LaRotonda completed the below illustration for a piece called “First, Make Money. Also, Do Good.” which was featured in the business section of last Sunday’s NY Times. The article is about corporate social responsibility and the concept of “shared … Read More

Craig LaRotonda cover illustration for The Scottsdale Times

Great new illustration by Craig LaRotonda for the cover of The Scottsdale Times. The story, written by Shanna Hogan, is called “Elephants in the Living Room: Exotic pets may be man’s new best friend…” Once again, Craig’s unique style is … Read More

Craig LaRotonda for Yankee Magazine

Craig LaRotonda created this piece for Yankee Magazine for an article about a Cryptozoology museum in Portland, Maine. As always, we love Craig’s unique style … and here, his quirky depiction of mysterious creatures!

Craig LaRotonda View more of … Read More

Craig LaRotonda’s Covers

Here’s a look at some of the recent magazine cover illustrations that Craig LaRotonda has been working on.  It’s so cool to see the artwork in the context of the magazine…The below are for:

1. Bite, a special feature in … Read More