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Joel Nakamura illustrates Powerpuff Girls

Joel Nakamura is taking part in an upcoming group show which is a collaborative exhibition being put together by Mark Murphy and the Cartoon Network in honor of the Cartoon Network’s 20th Year Celebration. The show will open during Comic-Con … Read More

Joel Nakamura for Sandalista

Joel Nakamura‘s artwork is now available on shoes!  Sandalista, the makers of custom flip-flops, has licensed some of Joel’s images for use on their unique sandals.  We’re excited to be a part of the Sandalista family, and you can visit … Read More

Joel Nakamura – Vibrant Climate

There’s a great article about Joel Nakamura on the blog, Vibrant Climate.

“A celebrated illustrator and fine artist who has made his home in Santa Fe since 1996, he describes himself as a modern folk artist. While this title is … Read More

Joel Nakamura – Eater of Bad Dreams

This is a new piece by Joel Nakamura, and it is his interpretation of “Baku“.  Baku are Japanese supernatural beings that devour dreams and nightmares, and they have a long history in Japanese folklore and art.

Joel Nakamura – Baku … Read More