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11 Jul '12

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Kim Rosen illustrates for the Wall Street Journal

Kim Rosen recently illustrated this wonderful piece for an article on how a woman tries to get her kids to do their chores, without a fight… 

From the original Wall Street Journal article:“I fired my children. It was a … Read More

Kim Rosen’s illustration of Boomerang Kids

Kim Rosen illustrated this piece for a story highlighting that many “Millennials” are moving back in with their parents after college graduation. What was once pretty unthinkable, moving back with ma and pa, is now considered a smart career move … Read More

19 Apr '12

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Kim Rosen illustrates for IBM Systems Magazine

Kim Rosen completed a double page spread in the current issue of IBM Systems magazine. The article discusses a new powerful server coming out which uses Linux, an open source operating system. The Linux logo is a penguin so they … Read More

28 Mar '12

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Kim Rosen poster illustration for World Sparrow Day

From Kim’s Blog – by Kim Rosen:“A few years ago I illustrated a portrait of Mohammed Dilawar for TIME magazine for their special report on “Environmental Heroes”.It has been Mohammed’s mission to save the sparrows of India once he learned … Read More