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Kim Rosen: Jhumpa Lahiri

[From Kim’s Blog] I have been a huge fan of Jhumpa Lahiri’s writing for quite some time now. I basically love everything she has written. I think she writes in such a brutally honest way about common emotions that we … Read More

08 Jul '10

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Charles Glaubitz. Javier Batiz and Band 1973 concert poster

Charles Glaubitz illustration

Illustration and design by Charles Glaubitz – view Charles gallery of works

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Cathie Bleck in Phantasmagoria Group Exhibition

Cathie Bleck‘s work is part of a group exhibition called Phantasmagoria at the Meta Gallery in Toronto. The  exhibit will be on view from July 9 to August 25, 2010. More information here.

Cathie Bleck illustration Cathie Bleck illustration … Read More

03 Jul '10

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