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Jen Lobo illustrates Kepler 22-b

 This is another painting Jen Lobo did as a part of a series of illustrations inspired by scientific discoveries from the past year. This painting is based on a planet called Kepler 22-b, a newly discovered planet that could possibly … Read More

Jen Lobo’s carnivorous plant

Jen Lobo has been working on a series of illustrations based on recent scientific discoveries. For this one, she was inspired by the discovery of a carnivorous plant that feasts on bat dung, of all things! Most pitcher plants use … Read More

Jen Lobo for The University of Chicago Magazine

Jen Lobo recently created this illustration for the March/April 2012 issue of the alumni magazine of The University of Chicago.  The article is titled Bobo Soprano, and it is about “how monkeys, the Mafia, Italian academia—and, increasingly, American society—illustrate the … Read More

08 Mar '12

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Jen Lobo illustrates the White Spider

Jen Lobo has completed the latest illustration for The Art of the Cocktail, an online space for illustrated recipes of cocktails, including their history and other fun facts. Here are a few of the process images. You’ll have to view … Read More