Jen Vaughn Artist Agency - university of chicago Archives

Brian Love for the University of Chicago

Brian Love was commissioned by the University of Chicago to create this illustration for an article titled Heal Thyself.  The piece is featured in the University of Chicago Alumni Magazine, and it talks about how a plant-based diet is part of shifting … Read More

Dave Stevenson map illustration for University of Chicago

Dave Stevenson was commissioned by the University of Chicago to create this map illustration for their alumni magazine.  The article is called A Passage to India, and it is about 2 PhD’s, Lloyd and Suzanne Rudolph, who took an amazing … Read More

Charles Glaubitz illustrates sleep disorders

Charles Glaubitz created this illustration for a recent issue of the University of Chicago magazine.  The article was on sleep disorders, and below is what Charles came up with.  Charles submitted another sketch on a slightly different concept, which wasn’t … Read More