July 21, 2015

Livia Cives for Clarion’s 75th Anniversary

Italian artist Livia Cives was the selected illustrator for a commemorative poster series celebrating Clarion’s 75 years in the automotive and marine audio industry. The fantastical designs range from white flowers blooming out of a light bulb with radios and speakers in the midst of the cleanly drawn petals to a bright blue poster clad with a classy row of butlers standing with silver platters ready to serve various Clarion products.  This collection of posters shows off Cives’ versatility as an artist— she is able to take everyday items that are not necessarily attractive to the eye in actuality and capture their uniqueness and capacity for intrigue.  These posters were designed with Orange County based advertising company Modera Inc. who conceived of the idea and directed the project while Cives brought to life illustrious versions of the concepts.  Check out the final gorgeous posters below…