September 21, 2015

Hugh D’Andrade illustrates cover for The Masquerading Magician

After the success with the cover design for The Accidental Alchemist, illustrator Hugh D’Andrade’s work is now gracing the cover of Gigi Pandian’s newest novel The Masquerading Magician, scheduled to release January 8th of 2016. D’Andrade is a multi faceted artist— perhaps best known for designing rock posters for artists like Joan Jett and Elvis Costello as well as a multitude of book covers for Harper Collins and other presses. This particular design reflects D’Andrade’s experience with illustrating posters; it appears as if the cover could be a poster for an old-time traveling magic act. His typography is also worth noting with its gypsy-esque inflections that help provoke the air of mystery. So, keep an eye out for a copy of The Masquerading Magician along with other work by our highly skilled Hugh D’Andrade!